Quality assurance policy

Princess Homecare Care endeavours to respond to requests promptly to provide or change a service.  

One of our Managers or Team leaders visits each client to carry out a risk assessment before a service is provided.  A care needs assessment is also carried out prior to provsion of a service (or with 2 working days in exceptional circumstances.) 

Each client is visited by a Team Leader for reassessment when any changes occur to ensure that plans of care and support are flexible. They are regularly reviewed for their effectiveness i.e. after 4 weeks from the initial care assessment and every 6 months following that unless circumstances change, changes if found to be ineffective and kept up to date in recognition of the changing needs of the person using the service. This incorporates feedback on the service the company is providing and this is fed into the Quality Assurance(QA) process as required. 

All staff attend regular supervision meetings with their line manager, as per our Supervision and Appraisal Policy. This incorporates feedback to the company on any issues that employees may have and this is fed into the QA process. 

We regularly invite clients, their relatives or representatives to complete a working feedback survey to obtain their views and opinions of the service. This is available on our website or on pre – printed forms, this service is provided by an impartial feedback solutions provider. This is linked to the QA process.  

All Complaints are analysed and fed into the QA process and all possible improvements are made. 

All information gathered from clients, their relatives or representatives, staff and any other sources is analysed and all possible improvements are made.  

Our standards and QA processes are reviewed and revised as necessary on a regular basis, at least annually. 

 We are inspected by the Care Quality Commission.  The reports of these inspections can be found here