Quality monitoring policy

The purpose of this policy is to assess and monitor the quality of service provision Princess Homecare will:  

  • Protect client’s and others who may be at risk, against the risk of inappropriate or unsafe care by means of the effective operation of systems designed to:  
  • Regularly assess and monitor the quality of the services provided in the carrying on of the regulated activity. 
  • Identify, assess and manage risks relating to the health, welfare and safety of client’s and others who may be at risk from carrying on the regulated activity. 


Have regard to:  

  • The complaints and comments made, views expressed by client’s and those acting on their behalf. 
  • Any investigation carried out in relation to the conduct of a person employed for carrying out the regulated activity. 
  • Appropriate professional and expert advice. 
  • Compliance reports, periodic and specific reviews and investigations carried out by the Care Quality Commission relevant to Princess Homecare. 


Where necessary make changes to the care and support provided to reflect information: – 

  • Relating to the analysis of incidents that result or possibly result in harm to a client.   
  • That is concluded from local or national reviews. 
  • Gained from the regulated record keeping. 


Have in place mechanisms for ensuring that: – 

  • Decisions in relation to the provision of care and support for clients are taken at the appropriate level by the appropriate person. 
  • Regularly seek the views of clients, persons acting on their behalf and persons employed for the purposes of carrying on the regulated activity. 


Keep records in accordance with prevailing Care Quality Commission regulations for: – 

  • Complaints from client’s and their representatives. 
  • Events and adverse occurrences regarding client’s and their representatives.  
  • Carer supervisions where concerns were expressed.