Quality monitoring procedure


Compliance manager will review and audit client records monthly. 

Quality Assurance Manager will review these reports along with: 

  • Monitoring records 
  • Medication records 
  • Complaints and compliments 
  • Any accidents, adverse events, errors or near misses 
  • Any ongoing staff disciplinary  


  • Client file information/assessed details/accuracy 
  • Financial invoicing accuracy 
  • Infection control monitoring 
  • Customer satisfaction surveys 



All management will review and discuss all audit reports, generate ideas for further processes development to overcome any issues raised during these analyses. 



A complete review of all policies and procedures to ensure compliance with legislations and including all up-to-date practices. 

Quality Assurance Manager will complete a report detailing all the individual monitoring for future development of the business and service delivery. 


Compliments and Complaints Procedures 

All comments regarding the quality of the service delivered shall be logged upon receipt by the appointed person.  This shall include complaints, compliments or general comments that are received by post, e-mail, telephone or in person. 

The appointed person shall bring this to the attention of the Registered Manager or their nominated deputy who will decide what action shall be taken: – 


  1. Inform the Registered Manager in the case of a complaint / breach of discipline or policy 
  2. Instigate an investigation to establish the facts 
  3. Acknowledge receipt of the complaint to the complainant, either by letter or telephone and notify the relevant service 
  4. Discuss with the person(s) concerned the events 
  5. Take the appropriate action to resolve the complaint 
  6. Notify the complainant and service body of the outcome 
  7. The outcome should be recorded in the event log and compared against other entries to identify a possible general breakdown of care quality. 


The Quality control log will be reviewed and discussed at the regular management meetings and any actions required to maintain the quality of care will be formulated and an implementation plan agreed. 

The Registered Manager will actively solicit information from professional and expert organisations regarding changes in standards of care, legislation relating to health and social care and updates in equipment usage.   Any impact will be evaluated and our policies and procedures will be updated, information published to carers and any required training organised. 

A customer satisfaction survey is used to seek feedback on our service levels.  The information will be collated and analysed to identify how our quality of care is perceived by our client’s.   All comments will be addressed and responded to where appropriate. 

The Registered Manager will carry out a structured program of on the job observations and appraisals of carers, this will be maintained by the office administration team, together with a record of all training received and relevant renewal dates. 

Client re-assessment anniversaries are recorded and will be given to the assessors on a timely basis to complete. 

Compliments should be passed on the person(s) concerned who should be congratulated for their good service.