Nutrition services

We focus on the health and nutritional balance for our clients ensuring they are provided with guidance regarding the types of food that will improve their wellbeing as well as supporting their hydration.

Nutritionist assistance

If you are not sure about your dietary requirements we offer a free consultation with our Nutritionist, who will discuss with you the habits and history of the person concerned – whether that is the person who is being cared for, you or someone you know – we will talk about the needs and wants for their body and examine their lifestyle to create an eating plan that fits around it.

This is not an intrusive consultation, but rather a discussion about the person and/or diet concerned and how to improve it whilst still living the life they enjoy.

Health and physical activity guidance

If you feel you, or the person you are caring for, would benefit from some physical activity then talking to our Physical Activity Guru is the perfect solution.

We are not talking about running a marathon, but rather creating some exercises that will improve the strength, flexibility and overall wellbeing of that person.

Exercises for the Elderly have seen vast improvements over the years, and classes have become very popular in recent years. Here is your opportunity to have that in the comfort of your own home.